M&A drives significant value for firms. Realizing that value is complicated and often fails. PCG has a track record of delivering intended value. Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures are major business activities that enable companies to dramatically grow and/or pivot by overhauling their business portfolios. Failure to heed proper due diligence, planning and implementation coordination could risk damaging the company’s future operational capability.

PCG’s deep expertise gives you a partner through this process; our experience and capabilities span the entire lifecycle so we can serve as your guide at any and every stage. Our singular goal is to ensure your merger, acquisition, or divestiture achieves exactly the goal you set out. With your PCG team by your side, we’ll ensure you see your expected return on investment with less time, fewer people and lower total cost.



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  • Inform & Advise

    Coach the organization and the employees who carry out personal information processing of their GDPR obligations.

  • Monitor Compliance

    Track compliance gaps and manage associated risks. Prioritize remediation activities including awareness campaigns, training, and implementations.

  • Oversee DPIAs

    Provide advice where requested regarding data protection impact assessments and monitor performance.

  • Regulator Engagement

    Act as the point of contact for the supervisory authority as needed.

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From business-critical data to personal information, data breaches & compliance gaps present financial and legal risks that threaten brand and future business viability across all industries.

PCG has been providing data privacy and protection services for over 20 years and brings a wealth of experience and insights to the table.


The global threat environment has intensified resulting in business continuity, disaster recovery, crisis management, and emergency response becoming an area of focus for board of directors, executive leaders, clients, customers, and regulators.  This increased focus has resulted in greater maturity and heightened expectations around response, recovery, and communication capabilities.

Business continuity management identifies these potential threats and impacts to your business, creates the organizational resilience and recovery capabilities for an appropriate level of response, and safeguards the interests of your customers, employees, reputation, and value.   Potential threats include items such as natural disasters, technological failures, data breaches, human error, fire, terrorism, lawsuits, misconduct, acts of violence, labor action, or drop in share price.

There are multiple components encompassing a robust business continuity program, in addition to several ancillary items such as event/incident management, disaster recovery, crisis management, and emergency response. The terminology used within industries, by regulations, and across vendors is inconsistent at best, so we recommend focusing on the components rather than debating the nomenclature.  Below are the components.


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CALL NOW: 800-731-7153


CEO of a Global Manufacturing Company

PCG has done an excellent job at leading our multi-year project.

Manager at a Government Agency

PCG is very professional and has a broad range of abilities. They took great care to identify the help needed.

PCG did a tremendous job with our project. They built a strong rapport with the business owners, which helped create trust and confidence.

Manager at a Multinational Bank and Financial Services Company

- VP of an International Agricultural and Food Company

I wanted to reach out to PCG and say thank you for a job well done!

VP of Fortune 500 Bank

I can’t express how much I appreciate the leadership and guidance PCG provided to our program.

PCG was excellent in defining and implementing the framework that has helped provide significantly improved governance and transparency.

Director of Mid-Market National Retailer

Manager at a Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

I want to make sure to recognize the great work PCG did on the project, you have certainly surpassed my expectations.

Director at a National Insurance Corporation

You have no idea how nice it is to hand off something like this to someone you know will stay on top of it and communicate progress. Great job.

PCG has been a great partner to us and if we need consulting help, we reach out. Thanks!

National Health Insurance Company

Provide Top Talent

PCG employs subject matter experts and leaders across M&A

Deliver Tailored Approaches

Every organization has unique challenges and demands that require flexible service offerings.

PCG solutions balance people, processes and tools to help drive change and stakeholder alignment.

Drive Organizational Change

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Data protection is about securing data through a variety of means to ensure it stays with those who are explicitly authorized to have it, while data privacy deals with the transparency of how data is used and defines who has access to it. Due to an everchanging environment of innovative technologies and regulatory requirements, data protection & privacy is a matter of maturity for every organization; there is no ‘finish-line.’

Focusing on protection and privacy for your company’s data must be a top a priority for every business and technology leader. Companies today are more vulnerable than ever. Not just from malicious actors and their often-sophisticated technologies, but also from incidental breaches perpetrated by employees – often completely by accident! Data breaches and compliance issues can cost companies millions from fines and other penalties, not including potential negative impacts to brand recognition and future business viability. 

There is no ‘silver bullet’ to data protection & privacy, but the companies that do it best understand the importance of following a risk-based plan for continuous improvement and maturity to balance their risk against technical, business & organizational demands. In many cases regulatory requirements apply, but where they don’t, leading practices with regard to the critical components of Data Protection & Privacy serve to differentiate the mature data protectors from the immature.


Decide to Plan

Sign purchase agreement and make the announcement

•  Drive strategic alignment for the transaction/underlying financials
•  Support decision and announcement
•  Create Transition Management Office (TMO)
•  Define and drive alignment of scope, workstreams and teams

Get to Close

Transitioning assets, entities and people and making payment

•  Create close execution plan
•  Drive execution of intended results  
•  Manage execution and governance via TMO – including financials
•  Establish Transition Services Agreement (TSA)
•  Execute Org Change Management Strategy

Drive Integration

Full transition of business aligned to financials and exiting TSA

•  Create full integration execution plan
•  Drive execution of intended results –
•  Manage execution and governance via TMO – including financials
•   Close program


• Maintain focus on running the business
• Have a single point of contact in the Transition Management Office
• Be assured of strong governance and quick remedy of any risks or issues
• Secure expected return on equity with a clean and efficient transition

Program Guiding Principles 

•  Maintain constant alignment with strategic/organizational vision of transaction
• Set clear lines of accountability
• Create stable and transparent governance
• Support key stakeholders in the business
• Execute a proactive organizational change management strategy
• Act with a sense of urgency to drive execution