A successful ERP Implementation requires more than just a technical solution. Be sure that your ERP initiative properly considers all kinds of variables including people, process and tools.

With more than 20 years’ experience managing implementations of all sizes, we will apply our extensive knowledge base and lessons learned to help recover your initiative.

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  • Inform & Advise

    Coach the organization and the employees who carry out personal information processing of their GDPR obligations.

  • Monitor Compliance

    Track compliance gaps and manage associated risks. Prioritize remediation activities including awareness campaigns, training, and implementations.

  • Oversee DPIAs

    Provide advice where requested regarding data protection impact assessments and monitor performance.

  • Regulator Engagement

    Act as the point of contact for the supervisory authority as needed.



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Provide Top Talent

PCG employs subject matter experts and leaders across all areas of Enterprise Resource Planning.

Deliver Tailored Approaches

Every organization has unique challenges and demands that require flexible service offerings.

PCG solutions balance people, processes and tools to help drive change and stakeholder alignment.

Drive Organizational Change