Artificial Intelligence empowers organizations to automate complex tasks, optimize decision-making, and drive innovation in products and services. These capabilities enable businesses to achieve operational excellence, enhance customer experience, and gain a competitive edge in an increasingly data-driven landscape.

PCG has been providing transformation services for over 25 years and brings a wealth of knowledge, insights, and experiences to the table. We provide strategic and tactical consulting, as outlined below, to companies across the world.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a multidisciplinary field that encompasses machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and robotics. These technologies enable machines to perform tasks that would ordinarily require human intelligence, such as making decisions, recognizing patterns, and understanding language. AI's core strength lies in its ability to analyze vast amounts of data to derive actionable insights, automate routine tasks, and enable predictive analytics.

In a business context, AI serves as a catalyst for innovation and operational transformation. It facilitates real-time decision-making, enhances customer experiences, and empowers organizations to become more agile and competitive. As such, adopting AI is not merely a technological shift, but a fundamental change in how businesses operate and make data-driven decisions.

Organizations interested in AI should be prepared for an organizational culture change that champions experimentation and continuous learning. The adoption process involves not only technical implementation, but also ethical considerations, employee upskilling, and a commitment to the long-term refinement of business processes.


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PCG has been a pioneer in consulting services for over two decades, consistently staying ahead of industry trends. Recognizing the paradigm shift that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is bringing to various sectors, we have strategically expanded our capabilities to include a specialized AI consulting practice. As thought leaders in the field, we are frequently invited to offer insights and best practices, thereby solidifying our standing as experts in AI applications for business.

Over the course of the last decade, we have focused on agile transformation and data and analytics solutions, in pursuit of business agility. This laid the foundation for our AI practice, enabling us to offer a holistic set of transformational services to offer our clients.

Today, we offer an array of AI solutions, ranging from predictive analytics to natural language processing. We understand that each organization has unique needs and characteristics; therefore, we tailor our AI solutions accordingly to ensure optimal outcomes.

Our service offerings are multifaceted, covering advisory, strategic, and tactical execution dimensions. Our senior consultants engage with leadership teams to identify opportunities and challenges, explore options, and define a clear strategic direction for AI adoption. Subsequently, our delivery consultants execute the vision by implementing AI solutions that are both robust and scalable. With PCG as your AI consulting partner, you can be confident in navigating the complexities of AI, leveraging its immense potential to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

  • Inform & Advise

    Coach the organization and the employees who carry out personal information processing of their GDPR obligations.

  • Monitor Compliance

    Track compliance gaps and manage associated risks. Prioritize remediation activities including awareness campaigns, training, and implementations.

  • Oversee DPIAs

    Provide advice where requested regarding data protection impact assessments and monitor performance.

  • Regulator Engagement

    Act as the point of contact for the supervisory authority as needed.

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Agile frameworks help organizations manage changing priorities, increase team productivity, provide better visibility, and go to market faster.  These benefits provide companies the competitive advantage in a fast paced digital age.  

PCG has been providing waterfall, iterative and agile services for over 20 years and bring a wealth of knowledge, insights and experience to the table.   We provide strategic and tactical consulting, as outlined below, for companies across the world. 

PCG has been at the forefront of product, software, and service delivery frameworks and disciplines for more than 20 years.  In our experience, organizational change management is the most critical component for organizations adopting Agile.  We are frequently asked to speak and provide input into industry best practices and standards.    

About 15 years ago we expanded our capabilities to include the rational unified process (RUP), providing our clients the concept of iterative development and delivering business value incrementally in a time-boxed cross disciplined approach.  Over the past 10 years, we developed our agile practice, including our propriety component playbook and ARTS program. Organizational characteristics shape the optimal playbook 

We packaged some of the more common service offerings below, although PCG will provide a tailored service to meet your specific business needs.  PCG provides advisory, strategic, and tactical execution services. Our senior consultants work with leadership teams to address opportunities and challenges, determine options, set direction, and design a pragmatic approach.   Our delivery consultants execute upon that vision.


The global threat environment has intensified resulting in business continuity, disaster recovery, crisis management, and emergency response becoming an area of focus for board of directors, executive leaders, clients, customers, and regulators.  This increased focus has resulted in greater maturity and heightened expectations around response, recovery, and communication capabilities.

Business continuity management identifies these potential threats and impacts to your business, creates the organizational resilience and recovery capabilities for an appropriate level of response, and safeguards the interests of your customers, employees, reputation, and value.   Potential threats include items such as natural disasters, technological failures, data breaches, human error, fire, terrorism, lawsuits, misconduct, acts of violence, labor action, or drop in share price.

There are multiple components encompassing a robust business continuity program, in addition to several ancillary items such as event/incident management, disaster recovery, crisis management, and emergency response. The terminology used within industries, by regulations, and across vendors is inconsistent at best, so we recommend focusing on the components rather than debating the nomenclature.  Below are the components.

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Dedicated time with a PCG AI Expert

Identify Goals and Strategies


A Review of your Current-state 

Define Future-State Needs


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Operational Integration

Integration of AI into existing operations should be seamless to maximize benefit. This involves adapting business processes and upskilling personnel for AI technology adoption.

Customer Interaction Automation

AI can automate and enhance customer interactions through chatbots and recommendation systems. This not only improves customer satisfaction but also drives sales and engagement.

Model Training and Validation

Model training and validation are integral steps in developing robust AI solutions, as they involve the fine-tuning of algorithms and the rigorous assessment of their performance using quality data.      

Regulatory Compliance

AI solutions must adhere to both industry-specific regulations and general data protection rules, thereby ensuring that AI implementations are both legal and ethical.

Performance Metrics

Establishing KPIs is crucial for measuring the success of AI implementations. This ensures that business goals align with AI capabilities and outcomes.

AI algorithms can sift through vast datasets to generate accurate financial predictions, thereby informing risk assessment and capital allocation strategies.

Financial Forecasting

Ethical Considerations

Ethical AI implementation involves considerations such as data privacy and bias mitigation. These ethical frameworks ensure that AI serves all stakeholders fairly.

Supply Chain Intelligence

AI can optimize supply chain operations through demand forecasting and inventory management, thereby resulting in reduced operational costs and a more efficient use of resources.

Scalability and Maintenance

An effective AI solution should be both scalable and easy to maintain, thereby ensuring that as business needs evolve, the AI systems can adapt without necessitating a complete overhaul.

Data Management

Efficient data management is crucial for training robust AI models. This process involves structuring, storing, and ensuring the quality of data to effectively fuel AI algorithms.

Algorithm Selection

The choice of algorithm can make or break an AI solution. It's essential to select algorithms that align with business objectives and data characteristics.

Provide Top Talent

PCG employs subject matter experts and leaders across the Artificial Intelligence  industry

Deliver Tailored Approaches

Every organization has unique challenges and demands that require flexible service offerings.

PCG solutions balance people, processes and tools to help drive change and stakeholder alignment

Drive Organizational Change

“Partnering with PCG for our AI initiatives has been a game-changer. Their expertise not only streamlined our processes but also empowered data-driven decision-making across our organization.”

- Director, Global Financial Services Company

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Fast 50 Company

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This service assesses the organization’s overall readiness to adopt AI, identifies areas at risk, and provides recommendations to significantly increase the likelihood of project success.


This assessment concentrates on the common challenges and obstacles an organization encounters when it does not realize value from its efforts. The evaluation specifically targets high-value areas for improvement.


This service analyzes the current state to identify gaps and provide actionable recommendations. We offer two versions: an accelerated approach for scoping and a deep-dive approach for planning purposes.


This service assesses the degree of maturity across various components. The results are mapped to a Capability Maturity Model, which includes the findings, level designations, and a maturity improvement roadmap.


Our team of senior consultants will evaluate your current AI maturity level and develop a tailored roadmap. This strategic planning ensures a cohesive and phased approach to AI adoption aligned with your business goals.


We specialize in automating labor-intensive and repetitive processes, enhancing operational efficiency. By implementing intelligent automation solutions, we free up human capital for more strategic tasks, driving value across your organization.


Utilizing advanced natural language processing techniques, we design and deploy chatbots that can handle a wide array of customer interactions, thereby elevating the customer experience while reducing support costs.


Recognizing that AI adoption is not solely a technical endeavor, we offer comprehensive change management services. We prepare your organization for the cultural and procedural shifts that accompany AI integration.


This role would be responsible for setting the overall direction for AI initiatives within the organization, ensuring alignment with business objectives. The AI Strategist would also focus on stakeholder engagement and facilitating inter-departmental collaboration.

Select the service category that best aligns with your needs:

Implementing agile in an organization not only impacts delivery teams, it will influence how organizations handle annual planning, portfolio management, financial management, capacity planning, team structures, operations, and employee training. Most agile initiatives fall short when only taking into account delivery team components.

Agile is an approach encompassing multiple iterative delivery practices (e.g. Continuous Delivery, Extreme Programming, Kanban, Lean, Scrum, Scrumban) as well as a handful of scaling frameworks (e.g. SAFe, LeSS, DAD). These practices share many of the same principles; primarily differentiated by their practical application and approach. 

Agile promotes a collaborative environment between teams, leaders, and users to provide a continuous delivery of products and services. Agile frameworks embrace changing needs and measure success through the production of well-designed products. Agile teams strive to maintain a sustainable pace while continually reflecting on being more effective and efficient.

Experienced Agile organizations will have notable success in delivering value to the customer, although it is important for new adopters to walk before they run. Companies interested in agile should be open to continuous team interaction, increased business involvement, simplifying process, reducing documentation, and accepting change.

Human Resource Optimization

AI-driven tools can significantly improve recruitment processes and talent management. They can analyze large datasets to identify the best candidates and predict employee turnover.

CEO of a Global Manufacturing Company

PCG has done an excellent job at leading our multi-year project.

Manager at a Government Agency

PCG is very professional and has a broad range of abilities. They took great care to identify the help needed.

PCG did a tremendous job with our project. They built a strong rapport with the business owners, which helped create trust and confidence.

Manager at a Multinational Bank and Financial Services Company

VP of an International Agricultural and Food Company

I wanted to reach out to PCG and say thank you for a job well done!

VP of Fortune 500 Bank

I can’t express how much I appreciate the leadership and guidance PCG provided to our program.

PCG was excellent in defining and implementing the framework that has helped provide significantly improved governance and transparency.

Director of Mid-Market National Retailer

Manager at a Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

I want to make sure to recognize the great work PCG did on the project, you have certainly surpassed my expectations.

Director at a National Insurance Corporation

You have no idea how nice it is to hand off something like this to someone you know will stay on top of it and communicate progress. Great job.

PCG has been a great partner to us and if we need consulting help, we reach out. Thanks!

National Health Insurance Company





Real-time Analytics

AI algorithms can process and analyze data in real-time, thereby enabling more rapid decision-making and responses. This capability is crucial in scenarios such as fraud detection and customer engagement.

Competitive Intelligence

AI can analyze market trends, competitor strategies, and customer sentiment to provide a competitive edge. Understanding the competitive landscape through AI can guide strategic business decisions.

Personalization and User Experience

AI can tailor experiences to individual users based on behavior and preferences. This enhances customer loyalty and increases the likelihood of conversions.

Staff Augmentation


We provide integration services that align your AI initiatives with existing LLM processes, models, and tools, thereby ensuring seamless transitions to address business challenges.


As part of our comprehensive services, we consult on the ethical use of AI and ensure that implemented solutions adhere to industry regulations and standards, thus promoting responsible and compliant AI usage.


Our capabilities extend to predictive analytics. Leveraging data to anticipate future business scenarios, we enable proactive decision-making in areas like supply chain management and customer engagement.


This service would offer monitoring and maintenance of deployed chatbots. It would include real-time error detection, immediate troubleshooting, and regular upgrades to incorporate new features or improvements. The aim would be to ensure a consistently high-quality customer interaction experience.



Given the transformative impact of AI, a Change Management Specialist would be pivotal in preparing the organizational culture for AI adoption. This role would manage the human aspect of change, ensuring that staff are equipped to adapt to new systems and processes.


This role identifies and automates repetitive tasks and operational bottlenecks within an organization. Utilizing tools ranging from RPA to AI-driven solutions, the Process Automation Engineer designs, implements, and maintains automated workflows to enhance operational efficiency and align with business goals.


Developers are responsible for building, testing, and deploying machine learning models and other AI components. Their work serves as the foundation for various AI solutions, ranging from chatbots and process automation to predictive analytics, all tailored to meet organizational goals and business needs.


This role focuses on interpreting data to provide actionable insights, often serving as an intermediary between data engineers and decision-makers. The Data Analyst would specialize in data visualization and report generation, providing a comprehensible view of complex datasets.


Integral to deriving actionable insights from data, the Data Scientist would be responsible for designing and implementing machine learning models and advanced analytics solutions. This role is essential for translating complex data into strategic recommendations, thereby driving business decisions and outcomes.


This managed service entails continuous monitoring of your AI models' performance metrics, system health, and data pipelines. Periodic reports will be furnished to stakeholders, accompanied by actionable insights for enhancements. Additionally, the service encompasses periodic updates and optimization of AI models to adapt to evolving data or shifting business requirements.